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Water Based Epoxy Hardener For Floor Coating

  • Posted Date : 2019-07-03
  • Expiry Date: 2020-01-03
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    • Furniture Manufacturers > Furniture Parts

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epoxy hardener contains is a kind of additives containing amine element and it
takes water as the dispersed medium. If diluted excessively, this substrate
will become semitransparent emulsion. It can emulsify the liquid epoxy resin
properly. In addition, this product has a variety of advantages over other
ordinary products, such as high adaptability for self-leveling coating, crack
resistance, etc


the product is non ionic and it is allowed to be mixed with general ionic
additives. Acid and alkaline fillers.

With some fillers added, this curing agent is able to make the coating with
properly proportioned pigment and adhesive.

it performs with high curing efficiency, especially in winter.

This material offers outstanding adhesion to various substrates like concrete, metal,
old coating film, etc.

Cooperated with our product, the self-leveling flooring coating realizes the
equivalent effect with the conventional solvent-free coatings.


epoxy hardener is adaptable for thick and thinned self-leveling coatings,
mortar flooring coatings, metal corrosion resistant paint, modified cement
mortar coatings, etc.




Shade(Gardner`s method)

yellow viscous liquid

Ingredient Content (Weight %)






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