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Flexible Water Storage/Fuel Storage Bladder Tank

  • Posted Date : 2019-07-26
  • Expiry Date: 2020-01-26
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Content :

SIZE: from 50L to 500,000L.
COLOR: Blue, Green, Black, Primary, Orange, Red, Yellow, Khaki
LIFESPAN: over 10 years
USAGE: rainwater collection, irrigation water storage, drinking water supply, emergency water supply, holiday house water storage

Regular sizes of Pillow Shape Water Tank:

(Length*Width) G.W.
ML-WP-05 500L 0.7mm 1.7m*1.0m 5 0.06
ML-WP-1 1000L 0.7mm 2.5m*1.5m 9 0.06
ML-WP-2 2000L 0.7mm 3.0m*1.5m 12 0.06
ML-WP-3 3000L 0.7mm 3.0m*2.5m 20 0.06
ML-WP-5 5000L 0.9mm 4.3m*3.0m 34 0.10
ML-WP-10 10000L 1.0mm 5.0m*4.0m 52 0.15
ML-WP-20 20000L 1.0mm 6.0m*5.0m 95 0.25
ML-WP-40 40000L 1.0mm 9.0m*7.0m 164 0.39
ML-WP-50 50000L 1.0mm 10.0m*9.0m 250 0.40

Size: The Pillow Shape Water Storage Tank, size ranges from 50L to 500,000L.

Usage: water storage, transportation, irrigation, firefighting, pool solution, emergency water supply.

Material: The Pillow Tank can be made by PVC and TPU.

TPU polyether for drinking water storage which meets the FDA certificate.

TPU polyester for fuel, oil, gasoline storage, widely uses at Oilfield, Yacht, Jet for storage.

PVC for non-drinking water storage with good price.

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