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500L brewery equipment 5Hl beer brewing system

  • Posted Date : 2020-01-17
  • Expiry Date: 2020-07-17
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General description:

ZYBREW small craft brewery is more used for brewpubs or customers who wants to make smaller breweries.

The size range from 3HL to 10hl, or 3BBL to 10BBL, with flexible heating method, which includes electric, gas and steam heating. We do the system based on existing building, the total layout following exact building requirement, the principle is making full use of the space. The goal is helping the hobby brewers who wants get into beer business with good and reasonable solution and using the brewery system for easy and simple brewing. Making the system combined well with your existing brewing knowledge.


Good balance between investment and future profits based on limited budget
Simple but perfect solution to guarantee stable beer quality
Easy to get used to the whole system operation
Can be manual or automatic control level
Well pre assembled system for easy installation

Well suits the local authority regulation

Good heating efficiency to guarantee right evaporation

Basic configuration:

Grain handling: Mill, optional malt conveyor unit

Brewhouse: Two or three vessels, gas, electric or steam heating

Cellar: Fermenter + BBTs or unitank, pre assembled piping line

Cooling: Chiller connected with glycol tank for fermentation and wort cooling

CIP: Portable CIP trolley or movable pump


Manual bottle or can filler

Diatomite filter

Kegging unit: Keg filler or washer

PID or PLC control optional