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Ultrasonic mask spot welder mask spot welding machine

  • Posted Date : 2020-09-24
  • Expiry Date: 2021-02-07
  • Quantity : 100 Set
  • Payment Terms : D/P

Content :

Specifications of ultrasonic mask spot welding machine:

1. It adopts titanium alloy welding head 8mm 9mm 12mm and various specifications are available.
2. Production speed: 0.3 seconds for single point welding.
3. Frequency: 28K, 35K
4. Power: 800W
5. Machine weight: 20KG
6. Power specification: single-phase 220V/50HZ
7. Dimensions (length X width X height): L100 cm W52cm H110cm
8. Simple debugging, flexible and convenient desktop operation
9. The source manufacturer, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed

Desktop ultrasonic mask spot welding machine_Tengdi Electromechanical Technology After-sales Service:

1. Warranty and maintenance period: half a year

2. It is not artificially damaged. If there is any problem, you can send a new machine for replacement free of charge.

Desktop ultrasonic mask spot welding machine choose Tendi Electromechanical Technology, the real source manufacturer, the equipment is beautiful and durable, and the style is complete. We will provide you with a detailed list of quotations. The price is transparent. Welcome to call and buy.

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