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Collision Avoidance Mineral cap lamp

  • Posted Date : 2019-11-05
  • Expiry Date: 2020-05-05
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Collision Avoidance Mineral cap lamp K5--DS with super bright Cree LED provides continuous luminosity with primary light>35hours working and Secondary Light>60hours,  Cap lamp K5-DS with a lifespan up to more than 100,000 hours, which eliminates the trouble of replacing the lamp.

Win3 Tag ready system are compatible with the devices of all major international manufacturers of tagging systems which provides unparallel  tracking accuracy, opening up endless productivity and safety opportunities for your operation.

With a rear facing  LED beacon mounted along the lamp cord, it offers easier identification of the wearer from behind to avoid collision.



to standards


Apply for:

for a wide variety of applications that require a lot of flexibility and
mobility, like mining, tunnel projects 
oil field construction site, camping, 
hiking, night fishing, night flying, sailing, caving and hunting


LiFe PO4 9Ah


primary light>35h



voltage 5.0+/-0.5V

current 800+/-50mA

charge time<13h

operation voltage:



> 8500 LUX

Constant current discharge, brightness not change during operation

light Luminous flux

14.0- .win3safety.com

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